Creative... Technically Speaking
Technical... Creatively Speaking

This is what our clients and colleagues are saying about Smith Miller Moore (SMM):

Santa Barbara Infrared (SBIR)

There has been one consistent advertising/PR firm that Santa Barbara Infrared has turned to over the years to help us promote our brand — and that’s Smith Miller Moore. We can rest assured that the dynamic duo of Patti and Marlene will ensure our products are not only promoted, but showcased in the proper market space. They are constantly looking for ways to cross-promote and help further solidify our brand name. Their 40+ years in this highly technical industry speaks volumes about the ‘know-how’ you receive when choosing to work with Smith Miller Moore!

Gabe Amparan, Sales & Marketing Manager
Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc. (SBIR)

Photron, USA, Inc.

“As a market leader in the high-tech world of high-speed digital imaging solutions, it is essential to us that customers perceive us as such. Smith Miller Moore has been helping Photron achieve this for over ten years. Their understanding of high-tech markets and marketing techniques, coupled with their incredible contact network and knowledge of who we need to speak with to get our message across has been instrumental in our success.”

Andrew Bridges, Director, Sales & Marketing
Photron, USA, Inc.

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division (Irvine, CA)

“Patti and Marlene are the dynamic duo when it comes to client service. SMM has been a great partnership for Toshiba producing award-winning print advertisements and contributing wise advice and guidance to our overall marketing strategy. I don’t know what I would do without them; their service is concierge level, over the top, always high touch, personalized, professional and they consistently deliver results. I appreciate that SMM remain focused on photonics markets and applications and Patti and Marlene really understand the publications and resources which are most applicable to a professional audience within this space. Oh, and they are fun to work with!”

“… Actually there is so much more to say, you two are amazing, thank you.”

Paul Dempster, Director - Medical Imaging and Factory Automation                                 
Toshiba Imaging Systems Division (Irvine, CA)

Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSIĀ®)

"SMM delivers results. It's a pleasure to work with them because they anticipate DSI's advertising and marketing needs, advising us to take strategic steps that help us stay ahead of the curve. Utilizing Smith Miller Moore services, we have expanded our company's brand awareness throughout the photonics industry, which has resulted in quality leads and increased business in our targeted markets."

Tatiana Atkinson, Inside Sales Manager
Deposition Sciences, Inc. 

Tech Briefs Media Group

Smith Miller Moore is, without a doubt, one of the very best agencies in the business. I've had the pleasure of working with Patti and Marlene for two decades and they are always on top of their game. Their dedication and attention to their clients and media partners is second to none. Their experience and understanding of the photonics market make our editors' jobs easier, resulting in greater coverage for their clients. Best of all, they are really good people and fun to be around. I recommend SMM without hesitation.

Joe Pramberger, President
Tech Briefs Media Group

PennWell Publishing

"The landscape of advertising has changed drastically over the years, resulting in more choices and often times confusion on how to best create an effective marketing program. We love working with Smith Miller Moore because they know how to help their clients engage with their customers in all the advertising platforms that are available and relevant. They produce smart, creative, and great results with all types of media.  Patti and Marlene also make it their job to know all of the editors and have developed strategic relationships within the publishing community.”

Christine Shaw, Senior Vice President, Technology Division
PennWell Publishing

Photonics Media

Sometimes publishers develop special relationships with the agencies that they work with. Smith Miller Moore is one of those agencies for Photonics Media because of their devotion to the Photonics industry, their clients, and the publishers that they work with. This work leads to everyone’s success. Smith Miller Moore is always on my list whenever a client asks us for an agency recommendation.

Ryan Laurin, Vice President
Photonics Media Group

Photonics Tech Briefs

“In this age of digital communications, editors get deluged with an overabundance of information. What I like about working with Smith Miller Moore is that they provide whatever I need, when I need it, in a format that is easy to process. Product releases are concise, contain the appropriate specifications, and arrive with a photo attached. Contributed articles are factual, objective, and devoid of marketing hype. Artwork is professionally produced to the highest standards, and trade show meetings with their clients are always scheduled in a timely fashion and professionally conducted. In a nutshell, they make my job easier.”

Bruce A. Bennett, Editor
Photonics Tech Briefs

Laser Focus World

"I’ve known and worked with Patti and Marlene for almost 20 years, and they are an incredibly talented, professional team — along with very enjoyable. In demanding technical fields, they know how to relate to their clients and the media. And they know how to deliver feature articles, press releases, and marketing material that makes my job easy because they speak the language of the scientific and engineering audience that reads Laser Focus World."

Conard Holton, Editor in Chief
Laser Focus World Magazine

Photonics Spectra/Photonics.com

“Smith Miller Moore did a terrific job when I was their customer. I used them for technical articles as well as product releases. They were on the mark with the copy and never missed a deadline. I never had to worry when I worked with them. I have since changed my occupation and now they are my customer. I continue to appreciate and respect their ability to produce quality technical content for their customers and admire their commitment to the photonics community.”

Kim Abair, Regional Manager
Photonics Media/Laurin Publishing

Tech Briefs Media Group

“Calling on and working with Smith Miller Moore for almost fifteen years has been a genuine pleasure. The quality of their work and efforts on behalf of their clients is outstanding. They are professional, knowledgeable and they search out all the avenues, working with their clients’ best interests in mind.  I will always recommend SMM to someone seeking help with their marketing efforts.”

Tom Boris, Regional Manager
Tech Briefs Media Group

Laser Focus World

“I have personally worked with Patti and Marlene for more than a decade and am consistently amazed by their enthusiasm, energy, and strong work ethic in promoting the technologies of their photonics clients. These girls also know how to work a trade show and ensure that their clients are front and center in the minds of the media before the show opens and after it closes.”

Gail Overton, Senior Editor 
Laser Focus World Magazine 

VIsion Systems Design

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with the Smith Miller Moore group for 20+ years.  Patti and Marlene’s knowledge of the laser, photonics and imaging industries gives them a leading edge over other media agencies.  I look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Judy Leger, North American Sales Manager

Vision Systems Design



"The advertising/marketing company, Smith Miller Moore, has been an instrumental partner with many exhibitors participating in SPIE events. They understand that showing up for the trade show is only half the battle for a successful exhibition. Patti and Marlene, both with Smith Miller Moore, have the knowledge and expertise to guide exhibitors through the many aspects of being effective, including booth design, sponsorships, and advertising. It is always a pleasure to work with Patti and Marlene -  when it comes to the value of exhibitions and how to grow visibility, they “get it”.

Al Ragan, Sales Manager, Exhibitions

Photonics Online

“I wanted to thank you formally for the work that you have done with your clients who advertise on Photonics Online. As a Customer Relationship Manager for the site, I work with many companies on a daily basis on their advertising plans and quite a few agencies. I can say, without a doubt, that your agency is one of, if not the best, advertising agencies I have ever encountered.

Some agencies I have worked with during my time here have not had their advertiser’s best interest at heart or have been far removed from their clients’ goals and initiatives. This typically results in some type of disaster for all parties involved. That has never been a problem when working with the two of you.  It’s so refreshing to work with an agency that has so much insight into their clients and what is important to them.

Another thing that your current clients must be thrilled with is your proactive approach to getting them results.  Our advertisers that work through you have some of the best return on investment compared to the rest of our advertiser base.  The fact that they are great companies only contributes partly to their success. It is your ability to strategize and implement well thought out plans that put your clients way ahead of the game. Your skill in developing new and unique content for your clients is extremely impressive, as well.

I really can’t say enough good things about working with the two of you.  If anyone has a question about your service or effectiveness as an advertising agency, please feel free to forward them my contact information.”

Joshua Butia, Customer Relationship Manager
VertMarkets Electronics Group

Novus Light Technologies Today

“After working with Smith Miller Moore for more than a decade, they have never failed to impress me with their depth of knowledge, strong client base and attention to detail. Being an on-line only publication, Novus Light Technologies Today publishes the news as it happens, and Smith Miller Moore’s press releases and in-depth articles are always the complete package, delivering everything our editorial team needs to provide our readers with the significant industry news on a daily basis.”

Anne Fischer, Managing Editor 
Novus Light Technologies Today 

IHS Engineering360 (formerly GlobalSpec)

“I have had the pleasure to work with the folks at Smith Miller Moore over the past 6 years. Patti, Marlene and the entire team evoke professionalism with every contact. At IHS Engineering 360, our on line marketing solutions are varied, sometimes complex, and always  custom tailored to the unique needs of the client. SMM takes the time to understand, challenge, and ultimately collaborate with me so that the end result is a solution that is absolutely spot on for our shared clients.”

Bill Gerstein, Digital Media Executive
IHS Engineering360

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